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International English and Maths

Personalised tuition for primary school children

Are you looking for a personal tutor

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Online sessions with a qualified and experienced native teacher

Learning support from the comfort of your home or on the move

Personalised lessons designed for individual needs and goals 

Modern teaching techniques taught visually through real-life concepts 

“My daughter had been struggling with the format of school criteria and since having one-to-one sessions with Jack I can only say that she is now thriving. Jack has not only revived her love of learning, but he is also able to blend phonics into exciting sessions, making it fun! I feel that every child needs this in their lives to be able to embed their knowledge and help them move forward. Lucy, mum of Beau (7 years old)."

Essex, UK

How do we work at IEM?


Sessions planned on a month-by-month basis to fit around your child's schedule

Fun and engaging lessons individually planned to inspire young learners

Learn more through real-life application of English and maths.

Ongoing communication with parents and teachers ensuring every session achieves its maximum potential

Here at IEM our main goal is to help primary school and middle school children increase their confidence and achieve their full potential in English and maths.

We provide an online tuition service where students can connect and learn through personalised sessions with qualified, passionate and supportive teachers. 



At IEM we understand the importance of ensuring a good balance between time and quality.


Each online session is programmed for 40 minutes to achieve maximum learning potential and student engagement.   


There are countless benefits to studying online with IEM. With over 10 years teaching experience helping young learners to develop their academic skills and maximise their potential, and teaching a range of subjects from different organisations,  such as the UK's National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate's PYP and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), we know that students learn more when material is designed for the child and based on their current needs.

Learning through global concepts, seeking to understand different cultures and making connections internationally with other learners ensure that our classes are fun, engaging and productive. Whether your child needs some extra support  with their current studies, or whether they are looking to push themselves further in their academic understanding, we are here to provide a high-quality tuition service which will enhance their learning.   

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One-On-One Tutoring


Personalised one-to-one classes

A Lasting Impact

Inspiring Early Minds

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